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Links to organisations that I find invaluable

To link to Foreman and Jones just CLICK HERE Please call 01303 760001 for more details

To link to Ashford Back and Wellness Centre in Ashford just CLICK HERE - my second Homeopathic practice in Ashford. Please call 01233 632000 for more details.

To link to Nelson Homeopathic website and see 150 AMAZING FACTS about HOMEOPATHY CLICK HERE

To link to WHAT THE DOCTOR DOESN'T TELL YOU - A really excellent source of information on health just CLICK HERE

To link to the College of Practical Homeopathy just CLICK HERE

To link to The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths just CLICK HERE

To link to The Informed Parent to see information on child health just CLICK HERE

BABY SLEEP PROBLEMS CLICK HERE just click on this link - Rebecca has lots of experience of helping babies to sleep better and she is local to Hythe

To link to the NHS page on Homeopathy and the recent discussions about the efficacy of Homeopathy CLICK HERE

To link to an editorial on the Swiss report on "Homeopathy in Healthcare" by Bornhoft and Matthiessen CLICK HERE

To Link to WebHealer who are the hosts of this website just CLICK HERE

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